Creating opportunities for business development

Today, airports are no longer just a place for aircraft to take off and land in order to take cargo and passengers to their destinations. They are business ecosystems that provide connectivity and open the door to new opportunities for both people and businesses.

Our ambition is turning from the largest airport in the Baltic States and one of the fastest growing in Europe into an aviation centre of Northern Europe, both by expanding our network of destinations, developing the Airport and its infrastructure, as well as by creating opportunities for other business sectors such as tourism, hospitality, transport and logistics.

At the heart of our future Airport will be the Airport’s new passenger terminal with a capacity of up to 12 million passengers per year, which will be connected to the Rail Baltica railway station, forming a single passenger service complex.

RIX Business City, the Airport’s business city, will expand around it, incorporating hotels, office centres, logistics and cargo warehouses, giving development opportunities for a wide range of businesses and providing new jobs, including for the local community.

At the same time, we will continue to invest in the aerodrome, IT and security infrastructure to continue to meet the highest aviation security standards and provide quality services to both our passengers and our partners.

When planning development projects, we take care of energy-efficient and innovative solutions.

One of the important directions of our growth is the development of air cargo segment. As a result of the pandemic, passenger traffic dropped by almost 75%, while growth in the cargo transportation segment continued, with the volume of cargo carried on cargo flights increasing by 40% in 2020.

Among the Baltic States, in 2020 the share of our passengers accounted for 43%, the share of flights – 40%, but the share of cargo handled reached 44%.

The growth of cargo segment was promoted both by purposeful work in attracting cooperation partners and the newly built specialized cargo service platform, which is the basis for the development of our cargo service complex RIX Cargo City.

Part of it will be DHL regional complex – one of the most modern air cargo handling and logistics centres in the Baltics, as well as the multi-modal cargo service complex, where construction is planned in the coming years.