Planning for a sustainable future

Embodying of principles of sustainability is our everyday work.

This is evidenced by our stable position among the most sustainable Latvian companies and proved by the Platinum Award in the Sustainability Index 2019 and 2020.

The impact of our business decisions on the material sustainability topics (environment, employees, society, local community, and economy) is assessed by our Sustainability Commission.

Moreover, sustainability is marked as one of our key operating principles in our operational strategy 2021-2027.

Our sustainable development is guided by high standards of business ethics that we urge our cooperation partners and suppliers to adhere to as well.

The framework for our fair and transparent actions built by the Code of Conduct, which is binding on all our employees.

Our employees are not only entitled to but also obligated to report on possible fraudulent and corruptive actions.

In 2020, we updated the procurement procedure establishing that, in certain cases, when selecting a supplier of goods or services, preference is given to a company with a status of a social enterprise, for example, a company employing people with disabilities.

In some cases, we also apply the green procurement standards to purchase goods and services with as low environmental impact and as positive impact on the social ecology as possible.

Our Environmental and Energy Management Policy is aimed at sustainable development, respect for the environment and society in general.

Our goal is to service aircraft and passengers, operate the aerodrome, and maintain and develop infrastructure according to principles for sustainable development, environmental, economic and social aspects, laws and regulations, and the standards ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Riga Airport has been certified for Level 2 of Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.