Connecting with passenger needs

In the passenger survey of ACI ASQ (Airport Council International Airport Quality Survey), we reached a high degree of satisfaction – 3.94 (out of 5).

The highest degree of service in all areas is our main target. We have created a Customer Service Work Group with a task to assess the customer needs and expectations, develop and execute appropriate proposals to improve the quality of the services provided by the companies that operate at the Airport.

Our ground handling company RIX Ground Handling is a safe, precise, and trustworthy partner for the cooperating airlines.

To ensure the best and fastest possible passenger service and comfort, we have introduced a number of improvements in 2020:

  • automated control gates have been installed at border-crossing locations;
  • the automated waiting time measurement system at the security check has been expanded;
  • five terminal maps have been displayed at the main flight information monitors;
  • a new service has been introduced – an opportunity to receive an SMS message with precise information about the flight status;
  • two new family playgrounds have been created;
  • three free drinking water refilling stations have been installed.

We have started developing the Customer Service Strategy to ensure a uniform understanding of the Airport’s customer service standards among all employees involved in the service provision.

We keep improving the travel experience for passengers with special needs (PRM), and according to the ACI, we are among the best European airports in the category Accessible Airports.

Last year, we serviced almost five thousand PRM passengers; and according to the survey, the majority were satisfied with the support received – the overall satisfaction indicator was 4.63 out of 5.

To improve the service quality for PRM passengers, we consulted representatives from the respective organisations, experts in this field. In 2020, consultations were held with PassePartout Training Ltd., training was provided to Airport employees, as well as to the employees working at the companies and institutions operating at the Airport.

Due to the global pandemic, taking care of the safety and health of employees and passengers was our main driving force in 2020.

We were among the pioneers in Europe to introduce a comprehensive epidemiological safety programme for safe travelling “Forbid the Virus from Travelling”, thereby joining the Aviation Industry Charter for COVID-19 of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

For passengers, we have set up a contactless Covid-19 testing station and laboratory services for Covid-19 tests.