Bringing together professionals

Our family of over 1000 employees is very diverse: it consists of employees of different generations, occupations, and levels of education.

We provide equal opportunities to all for professional and personal growth and support both in happy and difficult times of life.

Our Collective Agreement with a wide range of bonuses applies to all employees in the company, with the exception of employees who have recently joined the company and who have not finished the probationary period.

We approve of employees’ commitment not only by paying competitive remuneration, but also with other benefits, including taking care of their families. For several years in a row, a research by human resources management consulting and survey company “Fontes” has recognised that our remuneration system, including social guarantees, as well as other material support is among the fairest in Latvia.

All our employees have access to a health insurance that covers costs of a variety of sports, including subscriptions.

In the Airport territory, employees have access to operative health care services, first aid and doctor’s consultations in cases of a trauma, sudden illness or deterioration of health condition.

To maintain the employees’ psycho-emotional wellness and fitness, we ensure training on facilitating healthy lifestyle and decreasing stress, pay for team sports activities and provide an opportunity to participate in the largest sporting events in Latvia – Riga Marathon, trail running series “Stirnu buks” and bicycle race “Unity Ride”.

Care for the employees’ safety, work environment, and their health is among our main priorities.

We carry out an in-depth and careful investigation of each accident at work, and seek to prevent them in the first place, by improving technologies and machinery, ensuring that each employee receives the occupational protection instructions, assessing work environment risks in each structural unit at least once a year, and improving the work processes and procedures on an ongoing basis.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we developed a set of measures #HealthyWork and in programme #ForbidTheVirusFromTravelling, we included aspects that are especially important for the employees’ health protection.

Our Covid-19 safety programme got four out of five stars in the assessment by the prestige aviation industry rating agency Skytrax about Covid-19 safety measures at airports (Covid-19 Airport Safety Rating).

We expect from our employees a high degree of responsibility, precision and attention, special knowledge and impeccable qualification. To reach this target, each and every employee has an opportunity to improve professional skills, supplement their existing and gain new knowledge.

Our training centre (TC) provides the highest quality of professional training, as well as cooperates with other training centres in Latvia and abroad and organises joint training projects. Moreover, as a representative of the Airport Council International (ACI) we have the opportunities and rights to provide training to aviation professionals from the entire world.

Our TC offers 136 training programmes, 53 of them have been created or updated in 2020.